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Sustainability leadership education with Capgemini Invent

19 Jun 2023 Business Positive
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Sustainability leadership education with Capgemini Invent

Our top sustainability researchers are working with Capgemini Invent Consultants to develop and deliver a Sustainability Solutions Leadership Development Programme.


The programme aimed to build a foundational level of education for their Sustainability Champion Network, enabling Capgemini Invent to confidentially bring different aspects of climate science ‘into the boardroom’, equipping the consultants with the knowledge and skills to address this complex but critical topic with their clients.


Launched by the Capgemini group in 2018, Capgemini Invent advises clients on digital innovation and transformation, designing, building, operating and transferring expertise to help them reinvent their core businesses, along with inventing and implementing new processes, products and services.


In 2021, Capgemini Invent UK expanded their expertise to formally include sustainability, building a capability with sustainability specialists who work alongside the Champions to align sustainable development to client strategies.


With expertise in strategy, technology, data science and creative design, Capgemini Invent works with their clients to innovate and transform the way they do business. Working with clients, suppliers and other stakeholders to build a sustainable future is at the core of Capgemini’s global strategy.


Leading businesses recognise that there is a real need and benefit in adopting a sustainable approach across their business portfolio. As their clients plan for net zero carbon emissions by 2050, consulting firms must develop their skills in leading sustainable change.


Capgemini Invent recognises the importance of this corporate sustainability role and wants to bring ‘sustainable by default’ solutions to their clients, developing sustainability expertise across its established consultancy practice and scaling impact through the Champion Network.


The company chose to collaborate with our Business School’s Executive Education team because we work with clients to develop bespoke solutions and course content. Following initial consultations, the University constructed a programme with 13 ‘masterclasses’ delivered by 12 leading researchers in different fields of sustainability.


These were supplemented by facilitated workshops and activities aimed at embedding knowledge into Capgemini Invent practice and building the consultants’ skills in applying it to typical client challenges. There was real, positive engagement and enthusiasm from both the Capgemini Invent participants and the University of Exeter’s academic delivery team in both masterclass and workshop environments.


Courtney Hold, VP Sustainability Solutions at Capgemini Invent, said: “I have really enjoyed the experience of creating specialised content; Capgemini colleagues have been really engaged with the educational programme and have gained new knowledge through the content. The team at Exeter have been highly professional and amazing on the delivery of the course through the cohorts. We have worked so well together.


The spirit of collaboration was strong, from planning to programme conclusion. While the participants’ knowledge of sustainability varied at the outset, the course built a solid foundation for all to apply sustainability solutions in a client setting.


Megan Atkins, a Consultant at Capgemini Invent, commented: “We are all feeling really excited and empowered with new knowledge and tools to take our new sustainability expertise to our clients.


Shared experience of online and face-to-face sessions with the academic experts gave a strong context for developing ideas of how to bring the science to clients. Attending sessions at the University also helped strengthen internal networks and social capital within Capgemini Invent, essential in an organisation where teamwork is critical to developing effective and complex client solutions.

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