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Business Positive

A future green economy is inevitable and smart businesses are facing up the challenges and opportunities now. We can help you adapt and transition effectively as well as seize new opportunities for green growth.

Our team is here to listen and collaborate to create the solutions you require. We are realists about the changing world, pragmatists in delivering results and optimists that we will succeed.


Leadership for sustainability

Equip your leadership team with the knowledge and skills to drive sustainability forward. Our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and Executive Education programmes offer comprehensive training on sustainability leadership, enabling your executives to navigate complex sustainability challenges, integrate sustainable practices, and lead with purpose in an evolving business landscape.

Skills analysis

We can help ensure your workforce possesses the skills for a green future. Our skills analysis assesses your organisation’s capabilities, identifies skill gaps, and recommends training and development programmes to align your workforce with emerging sustainability demands. Nurturing a skilled and adaptable workforce drives innovation, maintains competitiveness, and future-proofs your business, as well as providing the opportunity to enhance collaboration.

Supply chain analysis

Uncover hidden sustainability risks and opportunities within your supply chain. Our consultants can provide thorough analysis, identifying areas for improvement, resource optimisation, and carbon footprint reduction. By optimising your supply chain, you can enhance efficiency, minimize environmental impacts, and build resilience in an increasingly sustainable-conscious market.

Product design for circularity

Embrace the circular economy by designing products for resource efficiency and longevity. Our circular economy experts can guide you in incorporating circular design principles, enabling easier repair, reuse, and recycling. Embracing circularity minimizes waste, conserves resources, and creates a more sustainable product portfolio.

Closed loop system design

Transition to closed-loop systems for a sustainable future. Collaborate with our experts to redesign your processes, minimizing waste, maximizing resource efficiency, and promoting circularity. Embracing closed-loop systems reduces environmental impacts, optimises resource use, and creates a more resilient and sustainable operation.

Building performance and monitoring

Optimise the sustainability of your buildings with performance monitoring services. Our consultants can analyse energy usage, water consumption, and waste, to minimise the environmental impact and reduce maintenance costs of your building – whether it be an office or a new build.

Doughnut economics and decision making

Doughnut Economics – the economic model that focuses on using resources within the planet’s social and ecological boundaries – has a key role to play for businesses aiming to thrive in a green, fair future. Our experts provide guidance on embracing this approach in your decision-making, helping you to create regenerative and inclusive business models that align with sustainable development goals and foster long-term resilience.

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  • “Exeter’s circular economy masterclass gave me the knowledge & tools to approach design and product development in a completely new way. This had a direct influence on our product ranges, but also on our longer-term overall product strategy.”
    - Merryn Chilcott
    Sustainability & Technical Manager, BAM Bamboo Clothing
  • “I have really enjoyed the experience of creating specialised content; Capgemini colleagues have been really engaged with the educational programme and have gained new knowledge through the content.”
    - Courtney Holm
    VP Sustainability Solutions, Capgemini Invent
  • “The team at Exeter have been highly professional and amazing on the delivery of the course through the cohorts. We have worked so well together.”
    - Courtney Holm
    VP Sustainability Solutions, Capgemini Invent

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