Nature Positive

Responsible use of natural resources so people and nature thrive.

Nature Positive

Every organisation interacts with and depends on nature, and we have built a team with world class expertise on the natural world which will help your business work in harmony with our blue and green planet.

We can help you make best use of the planet’s natural resources in a way that sustains your business and renews life on earth for generations to come. We offer practical solutions to ensure your organisation and community thrives.


Biodiversity disclosure & footprinting

As stakeholders increasingly demand transparency, measuring and disclosing your biodiversity footprint – in addition to your carbon footprint – is becoming essential. Work with our experts to quantify your impacts on biodiversity and communicate your efforts effectively. By demonstrating a proactive approach to biodiversity conservation, you can build trust, attract conscious consumers, and differentiate your brand in the marketplace.

Natural Capital Assessments & modelling

To thrive in an increasingly nature-conscious world, businesses must understand their reliance on natural capital. Through expert assessments and modelling, your organisation can gain insights into the value provided by ecosystems and biodiversity, enabling you to make informed decisions, enhance resource efficiency, mitigate risks, and demonstrate your commitment to preserving and restoring our natural environment.

Nature-Based Solutions and Off-setting advice

Engage with experts to explore nature-based solutions that leverage ecosystems to deliver multiple benefits. Additionally, receive guidance on effective offsetting strategies that align with your business goals. By investing in nature-based solutions and responsible offsetting, you can mitigate your environmental impact while fostering positive ecological outcomes.

Nature Recovery Planning

With biodiversity loss reaching critical levels, businesses have a pivotal role to play in nature recovery and renewal. Our experts can work with you to develop comprehensive nature recovery plans. By integrating biodiversity considerations into your operations, you can restore ecosystems, protect species, and contribute to a sustainable future, while enhancing your reputation and ensuring compliance with evolving regulations.

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  • “The University of Exeter’s academic perspective and mapping, data analysis and processing skills made us much better informed about the natural environment as a result.”
    - David Smith
    Upstream Thinking Programme Manager at South West Water

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