What we do

We are delivering a greener, healthier and fairer future through research, education and innovation

What we do

Empowering transformational change.

Businesses and governments need tailored solutions to develop their infrastructure, products and services, policies, and teams to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that will ensure the world continues to thrive. We provide the data, knowledge, capabilities and research expertise to make that happen.

At GreenFutures Solutions, we work in partnership with leading climate specialists to bring you the most informed solutions so that, together, we can future-proof your organisation in the green industrial revolution.

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How do you implement new processes and innovations to become a zero carbon organisation? Our team can accelerate your journey to net zero and energy security, with decarbonisation strategies and credible plans that keep your organisation’s goals and growth on track.
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Nature Positive


What is your organisation’s impact on our planet’s natural resources and how can you become a nature positive business? We have built a team with world-class expertise on the natural world which can help your business make responsible and sustainable use of the planet’s natural resources.
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Will your organisation stay resilient to the potential economic pressures of our move to a net zero economy? Work with a team that listens to your concerns and can provide bespoke solutions to secure your sustainable future.
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Business Positive

Areas of Expertise

Environmental Intelligence

For businesses and governments to thrive in this era of rapid environmental change, access to decision-critical information and sector expertise is vital. Through the integration of environmental research, data science, AI and cutting-edge technologies, we provide organisations with the capabilities to innovate and adapt. We have established the Joint Centre for Excellence in Environmental Intelligence which uniquely provides highly localised data and tools to help organisations thrive in the decades ahead.

Circular Economy

The University of Exeter team leads the UKRI National Circular Economy Research Hub, bringing together academics, industry practitioners, policy makers and civic society to deliver Circular Economy research and innovation. Our academic teams are leading essential work to improve data traceability and transparency across supply chains in the circular economy, and we are the first University to partner with the pioneering Ellen MacArthur Foundation on circular economy practices.

Nature-Based Solutions

The University of Exeter is home to one of the world’s best teams offering credible advice to harness the power of nature for societal and economic good. Our Environment and Sustainability Institute has developed unique expertise on natural systems and biodiversity renewal working with partners ranging from the National Trust to the Confederation of British Industry. We are also home to the European Centre for Environment and Human Health.

Innovation, Leadership & Green Growth

Our project-tailored teams ensure that organisations stay at the cutting edge of their sectors, grow sustainably and achieve their net zero targets. With our access to leading people and technologies to support your green growth, we can help you meet the world’s demand for clean energy and help integrate the right policies and procedures along the way. As the leading Russell Group provider of degree apprenticeships, along with the practical focus we take in designing our academic programmes, leadership is a skillset we nuture from the ground up.

Decarbonisation & Critical Minerals

Critical minerals are essential to a prosperous and sustainable future, and they traverse a vast number of sectors in our global economy. However, the production of many metals fundamental to the green transition is currently monopolised by a small number of countries and the supply chains could easily be disrupted. The world-renowned Camborne School of Mines based at The University of Exeter has the global expertise and partnerships to help accelerate production, enhance standards in the provision of raw materials and teach the skills that your industry requires.

Climate Science & Positive Tipping Points

Our team that includes 5 of the world’s top 21 most influential climate scientists works with global partners to inform investments, policies and business operations. The projects we undertake cover a wide critical range of areas, from energy transition to food security. Currently, our thought leaders are working with global partners to identify the positive tipping points that will be most effective in delivering a net zero economy.

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