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About Us

GreenFutures Solutions is The University of Exeter’s business support initiative, bringing expertise and insights from leading climate researchers to organisations around the world.

The University of Exeter is renowned for its environmental research and education, with over 1,500 people here (including 5 of the world’s top 21 climate scientists) working to deliver game-changing solutions.

The GreenFutures Solutions team unites Exeter’s academic, business and professional service expertise, giving you access to the knowledge, data, skills, innovation and research capability that businesses and governments require to transition to a net zero economy.

Our areas of expertise range from climate science, environmental intelligence and renewable energy to critical minerals, circular economy and R&D.

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  • "The race to net zero and smarter use of natural resources is creating huge opportunities and challenges for companies. The University of Exeter is uniquely placed to provide the skills, data and practical support that businesses require in a fast-changing economy. The GreenFutures Solutions team will listen, collaborate and bring together the right team of experts to provide business leaders the trusted and informed solutions they need to succeed."
    - Professor Lisa Roberts
    Vice-Chancellor of the University of Exeter

Environmental Intelligence Through World-Class Environmental

Our unparalleled science-led expertise, combined with our partnership with the UK Met Office means we are uniquely positioned to bring together environmental and data sciences to benefit businesses on their innovation journey.
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Our Vision

A thriving economy that is climate, nature and business positive.

How we will get there

We will form powerful partnerships to deliver and co-create sustainable business solutions. When we accelerate business transformation through research, education and innovation, we can make the most informed and ecologically responsible decisions that protect our natural resources. The race to tomorrow’s greener, healthier and fairer world will only be won if we make the right choices today.


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Collaborative By Nature

Meet some of our thought leaders and industry experts whose progressive partnerships are guiding the way to transformative innovation across the globe.

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